Full Name
Ann Attardi
Job Title
Client Development, Risk & Analytics
Speaker Bio
In her six years at WTW, Ann has established herself as an analytics specialist. Ann sits within a global leadership team geared towards client development across the vast capabilities and businesses that constitute WTW’s Risk & Analytics group.

• Ann is known for her ability to navigate analytical concepts in a way that encourages curiosity and conversation.

During her time within the Risk & Analytics group, Ann has built strong working relationships with colleagues globally, across many lines of business. Ann’s comprehensive network across WTW allows her the opportunity to provide clients with broad insights into WTW’s capabilities and the resources that are available to them.

Ann often leads regional analytics sessions for clients as a part of WTW’s Risk Leadership Academy initiative, geared towards up-and-coming risk managers and junior employees within our clients’ risk management departments.

Ann is based in New York City.
Ann Attardi